FREE Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Check at Guardian Pharmacy!

Sometimes we can get a bit too busy to measure our blood pressure or blood glucose. Why not let a professional pharmacist help you out? Spend RM$50 at any Guardian Pharmacy in Malaysia and get FREE blood glucose and blood pressure check from Guardian’s pharmacist!

Guardian Pharmacy’s free blood glucose and blood pressure check pamphlet.

Our dear founder Alan also shopped at Guardian and went ahead to get his readings. Great to know he’s in good health. Well done!

Alan outside Guardian pharmacy.

It’s important not to neglect your blood glucose or blood pressure because they determine your health status and the figures tell you whether you have been living how your body expects you to.

We appreciate Guardian’s efforts to encourage blood pressure and blood glucose checking.

Such checks matter not only to patients with chronic conditions, but to healthy individuals too. If you never get yourself checked, it would be too late when your health deteriorates! Abnormal figures will prompt you to take action to correct your lifestyle and improve your health.

Alan with Mr Rajesh here, who also went ahead to get his blood pressure and blood glucose checked.

This free check up lasts till the end of May. Be sure to drop by Guardian in Malaysia and get your readings!